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With Atlantic Power and Gas consumers now have a hassle free alternative to managing their energy costs

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Lower Costs, Power to Choose
and Cash Back
Atlantic Power and Gas
A Community Based
Energy Company
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Enrolling with Atlantic Power and Gas is simple and easy
Residential customers receive 5% cash back on all future energy supply purchases

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Why Switch?

You have so many choices in your life. You choose your cell phone provider, cable provider; why not choose your energy supplier. At Atlantic Power and Gas we offer you the choice to control your energy costs.

In today’s volatile market, you’ve seen electric cots spike in the summer and gas soar in the winter. When you’re on a budget, it’s very hard to manage. It’s time to take control!

At APG we’re assisting residents and businessmen throughout New York State in controlling their utility bills by giving them multiple options on how to control their expenses. Learn how to manage your energy budget.

Call us today to speak to an energy consultant at 1-888-489-8899 or Sign Up.

Gas & Electric

Many states deregulated the energy markets in the 90′s to foster competition and give the consumer the power to choose their energy supplier. You’ve been paying exorbitant rates for years isn’t it time you took control of something that has been out of your control for so long? And in doing so earn cash rewards back.

Today the consumer has a choice on who will be their commodity supplier and how they want to control their energy costs. ESCO’s are able to offer a variety of pricing programs that are unavailable from the utilities.


Atlantic Power and Gas is a well trusted name in the energy industry. We provide electric and natural gas supply to our customers, as well as energy consultation, throughout New York State.

We’ve built our company on feedback from our customers, we think of ourselves as the people’s energy company. We strive to bring you power and choice together, to help you manage and control your energy costs, while providing you with the most responsive customer service in the industry.

At Atlantic Power and Gas we have a thorough understanding of the energy markets and we bring that expertise to you the customer. Our management team members have backgrounds in energy and finance, so whether you’re a business or a residential client, we can help you manage your budget.

Isn’t it time for you to Start Taking Control and Switch to Atlantic Power and Gas – Sign Up Now

  • Mission

    Our mission is to bring you power and choice. No longer do you have to be affected by the ever changing weather patterns and world conditions that drive up the price of energy. We’re here to assist you in making smart decisions on managing your energy costs.

    Learn about your options and choices. It’s time for you to start taking control. Choose your energy program today.

    Call us now and speak with an Energy Consultant
    at 1-888-489-8899

  • How It Works

    When you sign up with Atlantic Power & Gas, an ESCO approved by the NYS Public Service Commission, we’re authorized to provide you with electricity and natural gas. And you’ll benefit from the competitive retail energy market without any decrease in the quality of power you receive or how it’s delivered. By buying your power from Atlantic Power & Gas, you will save on various costs such as Merchant Function Charges per energy bill. Meanwhile, we coordinate with your utility to ensure you receive ongoing delivery, customer service and billing.

  • Privacy Policy

    We respect your privacy and don’t sell or rent your information to anyone, period. Learn more

  • Careers

    We offer an entrepreneurial environment with excellent benefits. For career opportunities, email us.

Pricing Options

  • Residential
  • Managing your family’s budget just got easier. At Atlantic Power and Gas, we’ll assist you in making an informed decision on how to get a handle on your energy costs in today’s volatile energy markets. We offer you the option of locking into a fixed rate or choosing a highly competitive variable rate and receiving a 5% cash rebate on every bill.
  • Fixed Rate (Residential) – Budget Certainty
  • If you are looking to manage your household budget then this is the plan for you, because regardless of the market price your current rate will remain the same. We offer 6 month and 1 year fixed term agreements.
  • Variable (Residential) – Rebate Plan
  • If you want to take advantage of potential energy price decrease and earn a cash rebate, then consider our variable rate plan. This plan is based upon current market conditions and has no long term commitments. We offer a 5% cash rebate on every monthly invoice. The rebate is based on your commodity spend only.
  • Variable Rate with Price Lock – Market Conditions
  • If you think market conditions favor price decreases, think about choosing our variable rate plan. The variable rate plan is subject to current market conditions and you may add the “Price Lock Guarantee” if you choose. The Price Lock Guarantee feature allows you to switch into a fixed rate plan, should market conditions increase. Ask about this feature when you enroll.
  • Commercial
  • We can help you avoid market volatility; manage risk and control your operating expenses. Choose the plan that meets your business needs.
  • Fixed Price – Budget Certainty
  • If you like price certainty then a fixed price is what you’re looking for to manage your budget. Risk adverse clients often prefer to lock in the commodity cost for pricing stability. Our fixed price programs for both electric and natural gas achieve these objectives.
  • NYMEX Plus Basis – Manage Costs
  • If you prefer to take advantage of existing market conditions, but to ensure stable transportation rates, you can lock into a NYMEX (gas) and NYSIA (electric) plus basis program. Once NYMEX and NYSIO are settled we’ll add a predetermined basis, so you’ll always know what your paying.
  • Variable Rate with Price Lock – Market Conditions
  • If you think market conditions favor price decreases, think about choosing our variable rate plan. The variable rate plan is subject to current market conditions and you may add the “Price Lock Guarantee” if you choose. The Price Lock Guarantee feature allows you to switch into a fixed rate plan, should market conditions increase. Ask about this feature when you enroll.

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Get your current account number

You’ll find it on a recent statement or by logging into your online account. For National Grid customers, it’s a 10-digit number. For Con Ed customers, it’s 15 digits.

Sign Up

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What is an ESCO?

An ESCO is a company other than your local Utility Company which is approved by the New York State Public Commission to sell electric or natural gas energy supply.

How does de-regulation effect me?

Energy deregulation was approved in various states which stops large companies from having a monopoly on the market and gives you the power to select your provider. At Atlantic Power and Gas, we believe that you should have a choice on which energy provider you pick – we deliver reliable service, a personal approach, and competitive prices so you’ll want to take advantage of energy deregulation.

If I switch, what really changes?

Not much, it’s pretty seamless. Instead of your utility buying your energy supply on the open market, we do. Your utility company still delivers you your energy (either gas or electric), responds to any service calls, reads your meter, and bills you the same as usual.

Who do I call for emergencies or service calls?

You call your current utility company. An ESCO only provides the energy supply and your current utility company still continues to delivery the supply and provide all current services.

As a residential customer, do I have to sign a long term contract?

No, at Atlantic Power and Gas there are no long terms contract or fees for residential customers to enroll.

If I’m not satisfied, can I switch back?

Yes, you can and there are no costs for switching back to the utility.

Atlantic Power and Gas

PO BOX 223

Huntington, NY 11743

How do I enroll?

It’s fast and easy. Click here to enroll — it only takes a couple of minutes.

Can I terminate my agreement with you at any time?

This depends upon the type of service that you’ve signed up for. In the case of our variable rate plans, you can terminate at any time without penalty. If you are in a fixed rate plan, penalties may apply. We recommend that you review your terms of service or agreement prior before you decide. If you are unsure or want help, please do not hesitate to give us a call.

Can Atlantic Power and Gas really help me control my energy costs?

Atlantic Power and Gas buys large blocks of energy in the wholesale market, using technology and sound financial principals to buy at lower rates, passing on the savings to you. ESCO’s, like Atlantic Power and Gas, have lower overhead than the utilities and can be more flexible in their pricing plans which can be especially valuable to businesses on a budget.

What if I’m already enrolled with an ESCO?

Yes, you can. Just click here, fill in the required information, and you’ll be set. There is nothing else for you to do. We will handle the switch. Of course, if you have questions, call us at 1-888-489-8899 during business hours to talk to one of our representatives.

How can I be certain that the price you offer is the price I’ll pay?

At APG, we’re interested in long-term relationships. We pride ourselves in assisting you in managing your budget. We offer competitive variable, fixed, and even NYMEX Plus pricing for natural gas and electricity. Our programs are all designed to meet your budget needs and you choose the program in which you want to be enrolled in. Thus allowing you to take charge of what you pay per unit cost.